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Museo de Ideas e Inventos de Barcelona (miBa)

The museum is   different from the rest   full of ideas   and new inventions   that will make you experience   with each of   them.   Let   your imagination   to discover a   contemporary collection of   amazing   inventions. 

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A different bet that seeks to connect with the audience and aims to make you think.New ideas bright, imaginative and practices that will take you through a world ofdifferent sensations.

Pep Torres, renowned inventor and founder of the museum, intended to be a sourceof inspiration for their visitors, and that through the imagination, an inventor can arisewithin each of us.


Facilities that will not leave you indifferent due to the giant slide that you can enjoy in front of the museum.


In addition to the slide required to access the lower floor of the center, endlessinventions that arouse your curiosity insurance, as the giant periscope through whichyou can discover the secrets behind the first museum, or the space for "uselessinventions and senseless. "


Five different areas that will lead you to different worlds, "Futour a futur pel tour" where you will find everyday objects to be used in the year 2300, "Space Absurd" toinventions such as the "taxi-Brella" the space for technological inventions useful tobusinesses, "Reflexionarium" and "Subversive File" so that all visitors can share their ideas on a lectern while being recorded by a webcam.



Located in Calle Ciutat 7, a few meters from Plaza Sant Jaume come to enjoy a bitdifferent and fun to learn something more about the world around us.



Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 19h. Saturdays from 10 to 20h. Sundays and holidays from 10 to 14.



Change your Home ticket at the desk of the museum on Calle Ciutat 7 and enjoy yourinput.


Recuerda que la entrada de niños es válida de 4 a 12 años de edad. 

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